Notre passion pour le cyclisme dure depuis 1948. Cycle Paul est une entreprise familiale, et trois générations plus tard, nous sommes toujours le magasin préféré des cyclistes qui cherchent les meilleurs équipements, conseils et services dans la région de Montréal.

Le souci du détail et la recherche de la perfection sont reflétés dans chaque produit choisi par notre équipe et chaque service offert dans notre magasin. Nous nous sommes fait un devoir de nous tenir au courant des dernières tendances et d’être à l’écoute de l’évolution de l’industrie du cyclisme.

Que vous cherchiez un premier vélo pour votre enfant, votre vélo de rêve, ou un entretien de qualité, Cycle Paul est l’unique magasin pour tous vos besoins en cyclisme.

Visitez notre magasin et jugez-en par vous-même !

Notre Equipe

Pierre Paul


Years in the cycling industry: 15 years

Certifications: Professional Bicycle Mechanic – Winterborne Insitute, Shimano Tec, Shimano Di2, Cyclologic Fitting Level I and Level II. Trek University
Specialties: Custom bike builds, road and triathlon fitting, wheel building, high end road and mountain bikes. BBQ King
What you love about cycling: Mountain biking has always been my true passion. I love the adrenaline, being in the woods with my friends and my dog. I’m someone that gets excited about new cycling technologies on the market.



Years in the cycling industry: 40 years+

A little Cycle Paul history: My father Paul opened Cycle Paul in 1948. When I was old enough to ride a bike I started working at the store with my father. We rented bicycles for 10 cents an hour, in those days no one could afford to buy a bicycle. I was my father’s right hand man until the day he passed away. I took over the business and have been watching the cycling industry evolve ever since. Today my son Pierre-Paul is owner and we have been working side by side for the last 14 years.



Years working at Cycle Paul: 15 years

I have been apart of the Cycle Paul family for 15 years! How time flies! I have had the privilege of working with many cycling enthusiasts. It always astonished me the love that people have for this sport.



Years in the cycling industry: 2 year

Certifications: Trek University
Specialties: Customer service, all styles of bikes! hybrid, road, children’s, mountain etc etc.
What you love about cycling: I love everything about cycling, I love the feeling of freedom when I ride my bike. It allows me to push myself, to test my abilities. I am able to share my passion for cycling with others. It also reminds me of my youth, when you’re a kid your bike is your car. It was your ultimate freedom. It’s a nice feeling to reconnect with.


Service Manager

Years in the cycling industry: 10 years

Certifications: Shimano Tec, Shimano Di2, Trek University, Oakley
Specialties: Mountain bikes, Track bikes, fixies, troubleshooting, product knowledge, guitar!
What you love about cycling: What is there to not love? Cycling allows me to have that sense of freedom and tranquility. I love having the ability to share my passion with customers at Cycle Paul.


Head Service Technician

Years in the cycling industry: 2 year

Certifications: Trek Certified Repair and Expert Technician, Trek University, Thule, SRAM, Bosch, Shimano Tech, Rock Shox, Fox suspension

Specialties: Bicycle builds, BMX, Thule rack install, cooking minute rice in 58 seconds
What you love about cycling: I have 3 brothers and they all loved BMX, so it wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with it too. We spent our whole days at the skate park trying to do boxes and rails. My parents bought all our BMX stuff at Cycle Paul who would have thought I would be working here years later.


Mountain Bike Ambassador Dog

Likes: Mountain bike rides, treats, running fast, belly rubs, laying in mud puddles, dog park!

Dislikes: Wearing my mountain bike bag, taking a bath, getting my nails cut.